Wednesday, March 15, 2017

SoL Challenge Day #15

I have kept a plant alive for almost nine months now.

This is a big deal, you guys. I received it as a present and, because I see this friend often, have managed to care enough for it to keep it mostly healthy. I've forgotten what kind of plant it even is.

Over the past two weeks though, it has started to wilt. Leaves have browned. I watered it faithfully, but nothing seemed to be helping.

So, I poked around with it for a few minutes and when I pulled the plant out of its original plastic casing, I could not believe it.

The entire thing was roots. There was hardly a speck of dirt left underneath.

The darn thing was starving.

One trip to Target, and an hour later my plant was feasting in its new, larger, and dirt filled abode. Within three hours the entire plant seemed to have lifted.

I sort of roll my eyes when people compare students to plants. It's cliche, but the change that happened in mere hours after giving my plant nutrients reminded me of its truth.

I am responsible for the quality of the nutrients, information, my students receive.

Could they still grow with dry material presented to them in pretty uninteresting ways? Probably.

Will they thrive? Probably not.

My reward as a teacher is their growth as students and as people, and I want to see them flourish in both roles.

So, as I enter into the latter side of spring break tomorrow and begin planning for next week, I will hold this cliche close to my thoughts.

Next week I will provide them with good soil to grow and flourish in.

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  1. Excellent metaphor! Providing children with "good soil" so that they flourish is one of the greatest gifts we provide them with as our students.