Friday, March 17, 2017

SoL Challenge Day #17

I spent most of the morning and day today hiking Effigy Mounds with the science teacher in our building.

She's on the opposite side of the building and I hardly see her during the week, but I am so grateful for days like these when I get to explore nature and sort through some of my backed up teacher thoughts.

It is relieving to hear someone speak frankly and directly when I present them with my challenges, school related or otherwise.

I crave honesty and feedback regularly in my life, and I have found a wonderful marigold of a teacher who values growth through conversation in the same way that I do.

With spring break quickly coming to a close, I began to feel the anxiety of school return while I gave feedback on student work last night. I fell asleep still running possible lesson plans through my head.

As I verbalized all of the things I want to do in my classroom to her, she paused and said, "Well, then do it. Why can't you start some of those things next week?"

Good question. Fair question.

I'm a planner and a micromanager, and neither of those lend themselves to spontaneity in the classroom.

She's right though. I see opportunities for great learning experiences right now in my classroom, but I'm too nervous to act on them without a summer of careful thought and planning.

My plan this next week: Let it be messy.

I can let them explore and present them with challenges to which I do not have an answer.

With a little over two months left, I want to challenge myself in this way for my students.

I will revel in the stretch that I can feel happening as I write this. :)


  1. All that fresh air and exercise proved most beneficial. you clearly made the right choice in your hiking companion and 'life coach.' You are half way there in making a decision. Now you must narrow that gap between intention and action. Good luck with your project.

  2. "Let it be messy" ~ best kind advice, put it on a sticker, a button or a tee