Thursday, March 2, 2017

Slice of Life Challenge Day 2

"The witch in Hansel and Gretel was not strategic at all. Candy just builds fat. She should have managed a Planet Fitness or something and lured her meals in that way."

I stopped and turned toward the group in the back of my classroom with the look my students have become all too familiar with. One of baffled enjoyment guised in skepticism. They waited for my response, but it was the final period of the day and I didn't have a whole lot left in me. "That is a solid point. Carry on." The student smiled at me and continued creating her one-pager of growth versus fixed mindset.

Teaching four different preps is kind of brutal so far. I am in my second year of teaching, but in my first year with high schoolers in a rural school district. Each period changes, but my mindset hasn't changed its internal clock to match the pace of the bell. I'm sure this is in part because of a new schedule, and in part because I am planning and teaching new material each day.

Spring break, come quickly!

I am looking forward to rest, but mostly, I am looking forward to mastering this schedule.

I am growing more roots from which to pull energy, and that takes time.

I am looking forward to tomorrow and the conversations from the corners of my room that leave me a bit baffled and entirely content in the exhaustion.


  1. That is a fantastic comment! I would have never thought of that.... so genius! And I love how you supported your student. Love it! One day closer to spring break. You can do it!!!!

  2. I've had a 4-prep schedule at times, and it is brutal. I have three preps right now. I've taught 7-12 and taught in a rural school in Iowa in the 80s! The school later consolidated w/ another district.

    A couple years ago I was part of a huge curriculum project that includes complete courses for grades K-12. I'm in the 12th grade cohort. You can find the resources on the Better Lesson website under the Master Teacher Project. As an early-career teacher, you don't have to go it alone.

  3. If you do a creative writing uniot, that student has fractured fairy tale in the making -- or a Grimm growth mindset series

  4. Sounds like you have some great thinkers in that class. I am sure you are enjoying them. I am not familiar with your schedule ( I teach primary school in Australia) but I believe you about it being brutal. Everything seems harder in your first few years of teaching.