Sunday, March 19, 2017

SoL Challenge Day #19

Spring break is over, and I am sad.

Even though I spent a chunk of each day working on school related tasks, I still feel like I haven't done enough. That I haven't planned lessons that will be exciting enough. That I missed a whole array of things I could have been doing instead of relaxing.

However, I feel relaxed. I feel rested. I feel full from the laughter and conversations I was able to have with family and friends over the past week.

I will work for a while tonight, and try to come to a good place with my work and with myself.

Tomorrow, we start again.


  1. I hear you! I never feel like I have done enough! But, relaxing and recharging is important too.

  2. so important to get that r&r time in, too! I go back to the real world tomorrow, too.

  3. My break starts tomorrow! I am looking forward to all you have described! Have a great week!

  4. There is NEVER enough time in a break to get everything done we could hope to...and take some time to rest. You've done what you can...Tomorrow you will begin again...

  5. You did more than I did! But I did have a wonderful break too. I just finished what I needed for tomorrow. Here we go!

  6. always take time for yourself -- that's the break part. as for the rest, there's usually a tomorrow for it. Scarlett may not be PC but her "tomorrow is another day" tagline still works