Sunday, March 5, 2017

SoL Challenge Day #5

 On Thursday night I couldn't sleep. My thoughts were spinning, and I finally gave up and called the one person who I knew would be awake.

"Hey, Dad."

"Hey sweetheart, what's up?"

My dad is nocturnal, and is most awake around 11:00 at night. We went through our usual topics of school, church, and their plans for summer. As we neared the end of the conversation, he let out a sigh and said, "Well, dear. I think Reggie is in her last few days."

I sat up in my bed and waited for him to finish listing the new ailments my childhood dog had started to display. Difficulty lifting her head. Walking into walls. Inability to find her way out of the laundry room.

I lifted the blanket to my eyes as tears flowed freely. I got her when I was nine. My mother had given my father a nearly impossible to meet list of requirements before we went to the pet store. I'm pretty sure my dad found the only dog in the tristate area that met that list.

I picked her up and she immediately snuggled her head between my collarbone and neck.

Oof. I was smitten. How can anyone say no to that image?

My mom couldn't. We took her home and I gained a goofy and rambunctious best friend.

I went home yesterday to say goodbye to her, in case she passes before Easter.

I held her to me, kissed her head, and reminded her of how much I love her.

So much of my childhood is interwoven with memories with her, and the ache inside of my feels stretched throughout my chest.

For now though, her sweet heart is still with us, and the snuggles from this weekend have filled my heart full.


  1. I love how you unfolded this special tale, bit by bit. The details you chose to share added to the crescendo of this piece. I'm so sorry to hear about Reggie...I'm glad you got to go home to snuggle with her and that you're carrying these warm feelings with you tonight.

  2. Awww, this made me cry. I so remember calling our boys when their childhood furbaby was at the end. It's so tough. Hugs to you Lauren

  3. Ohh- I can't even imagine. Our dog is such a part of our life- I can't imagine her not being around. Hugs to you and your family- remember the happy days you shared with her.

  4. Oh, how sad. I had my beautiful dog from when I was 8 until I was 24 years old. I cried over every Lassie movie with her, told her all my secrets and then when she was no longer gorgeous on the outside I had special photos taken with her on my wedding day, she was 14 years old then. I totally know how you feel?

  5. Those good byes are so hard, from Sally my first when I a two year old (actually I was her person) all the ways to now, they never get easier