Tuesday, March 7, 2017

SoL Challenge Day #7

For those days that my brain is a pile of mush, but I still try to make conversation with the people I love after work.


You keep sneaking flashlights 
into the crooks of my shoulders,
watching the shadows dance as
I try to regale the events of my day.

And I know we're in the habit of trading
lights for postcard phrases
but today my thoughts are dice that keep
landing in the corners of my voice.

You smile and slip two more lights around my waist,
kiss my nose
and forgive me,
saying some days you run out of yourself too.


  1. This is lovely. Dang you're good at this poetry thing. Teach me your ways.

  2. I am working with poetry in my class. We are doing work around formal study of poetry as well as having them try some. They seem inspired, but I have not tried. I feel very out of my element; I must remember that it is just another expression. This summer I took part in the Lake Michigan Writing Project and one group presented on poetry. You have made me think to revisit what I learned. So beautiful. Thanks

    1. Sarah Kay and Anis Mojgani are huge places of inspiration for me. They're incredible spoken word poets that students enjoy watching!

  3. some days the brain fog rolls in earlier than others