Monday, March 13, 2017

SoL Challenge Day #13

The five things I would share with guests at Leigh Anne's Favorites Party -

1. Aroma's dark roast coffee and vanilla creamer. I miss living near Omaha for a few reasons. The zoo, the bookstores, Ted & Wally's. Mostly though, I miss Aroma's coffee and baked goods. Nothing makes me feel quite as settled and ready to write as the smell of freshly brewed coffee and caffeine setting sail in my veins. 

2. Books of poems. Poems have always been the best writing prompts for me. I love being able to look at the language and ideas woven together in ways I would have never considered. 

3. Huck, or any dog really. This is my puppy nephew, and I have spent a good portion of spring break determining the pros and cons of getting my own pup. There is so much joy in this little guy's heart. It's infectious, and it is impossible to not feel more childlike and joyful with him around. 

4. Dark chocolate, especially the kind with sea salt in it. Mmm. 

5. A brand new Moleskine. Most of mine have been given as gifts. There is something that feels so academic and collegiate to me about writing in one.


  1. #2: I, too, love poetry (Sarah Kay is a favorite). I recently got into Neil Hilborn (thanks to a poem of his going viral) and purchased his book of poetry on Amazon. It's beautiful.
    #4: That's my favorite kind of dark chocolate too! I love the blend of salty and sweet.
    #5: I am a Moleskine hoarder. I think I have four currently, including a mini one that I carry with me everywhere. There's just something about it!

  2. Yay, another guest! I am not a coffee drinker, but if you bring it, I will sniff, sniff it! Love the smell of it brewing. I bought a Moleskin last fall, but have yet to fall in love with it yet. Working hard at making notebooks work for me. Thanks for attending my party!

  3. Thank you for inspiring me on a challenging writing day! This is exactly what I needed to jump-start my writing!

  4. Another dark chocolate, sea salt fan, an exquisite combo. And we'll definitely need notebooks for writing with all the writing, coloring options that are popping up. Huck will make a delightful addition. Do you think he'll get along with Yoshi, Amy's bunny?

  5. Love your offerings for the party. I am accepting Leigh Anne's invitation at Slice #15. Poetry is my go to writing format. I love your photo of Huck and have an offer for you, if interested. I am designing my winter gallery, Winter Wonder. I think Huck should grace my gallery with a short poem about his thoughts on winter (invitation:

    1. Oh man, they will be joyful ones. Is there a deadline you'd like this by?