Tuesday, March 28, 2017

SoL Challenge Day #28

Things I've noticed since beginning this challenge:

1. It is so challenging to write substantively for myself when I am giving tons of feedback on student writing. It's like my brain is rationing my ability to put words onto a page.

2. Writing through difficult days has made me better at navigating them as they are happening so there isn't quite so much emotional aftermath. I try to be a reflective thinker in general, but writing through the mess requires more from me, and gives me more in return.

3. I miss getting the amount of feedback on my writing that I did in college, but this process has encouraged me to start submitting my work to different places.

My brain is mush. There are more papers to respond to, but I am happy to do it. 


  1. Totally agree! It is hard to switch back and forth between teacher coach brain and writer brain. It seems like you've got the hang of it!

  2. I am feeling like I am hitting my groove now that I'm on Day 28. And in three more days I will miss the challenge to make myself write. It is such a motivator to write for an audience/community. But...it helps me to remember how my kids crave that audience also, and keeps me commenting for their sakes.

    1. Absolutely. This entire month has been a great practice in understanding of the kind of feedback my students want and need from me.

  3. So important to reflect on the experience and use it to become a better writer and a better teacher. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Brain mush. Brain fog too -- an actual diagnostic term. In the evening the fog rolls in. Writing does not always come easy at the end of a day of brain switching